Project Hope Brochure Project

You have been delegated the task of creating a new trifold brochure promoting the Project HOPE program.  The brochure will be two documents with each document being 8.5″ x 11″  then printed on front and back and folded in thirds. You will need to use Adobe InDesign or Adobe Photoshop to create the brochure.

Things to consider before starting the design of the trifold brochure:

  1. What is your main message and purpose of the brochure?
  2. Who is your target audience of the brochure?


The following are examples of trifold brochure layouts.

Trifold brochure example 1 Trifold brochure example 2


Before creating the logo, you need to determine the color scheme and main typography (fonts) you will be using in this project.  You will be using the logos for Northwest Tech and High Plains Technology Center within the brochure.  Please take those color schemes into consideration when developing the color scheme and logo.



Be sure to create a post or post to a new page the color scheme and typography you will be using and explain why you choose those.  You refer to the Color Resources Board and the Typography Board of the Digital Design Pinterest account for resources and inspiration.

After deciding on the typography and color scheme, create a document like the following (to be included on your Project HOPE page) which displays examples and then go a step further and actually include the names of the fonts, links to the website where the fonts are available for download, and the color codes for the colors chosen.color and typography details

You will need to create a new logo to be used on the Project HOPE materials and publications.   The acronym HOPE stands for Helping Others Pursue Employment. The logo needs to be sized so it can be easily read when inserted into the trifold brochure.  You may refer to the Logo Design Board of the Digital Design Pinterest account for tips, tricks, and inspiration in designing logos.

After you have determined the color scheme, typography, and created the logo, it is time to determine the layout of your brochure… front and back sides of the trifold brochure (six sections basically).  You can refer to the Brochure Designs Board of the Digital Design Class Pinterest account.

You may search for free stock photos or check out the Digital Design Pinterest Stock Photography Board for ideas for images to be used within your brochure.  If I need to purchase professional images to be used, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

The following information should be attractively included somewhere in your final brochure design.  Remember you do not have to include full sentences in all aspects of your trifold brochure but the objective is to convey accurate information in as concise format as possible for the reader.


To prepare clients for full time employment so that public assistance is no longer necessary.

To provide career services including vocational training to clients of the Department of Human Services (DHS) who receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) upon referral.

To provide opportunities for clients to attend Project HOPE or an established worksite for 30 hours per week (if possible).


TANF recipients in Alfalfa, Ellis, Grant, Harper, Major, Woods, and Woodward counties who are referred by DHS.

Structured Steps:

DHS Referral


Individualized Educational Plan

Vocational Training which includes Life Skills, Academic Skills, Personal Development Skills, Employment Skills, Work-Site Learning, and Work Related to Vocational Goal


An individual career development plan will be prepared for each client based on the assessment of Academic achievement, Aptitude levels, Occupational interest, Work ethics/values, and Learning/Communication styles

Life Skills:

Support group activities will take place to assist clients in: self-awareness and self esteem, decision making, achieving independencies, maintaining good interpersonal skill, and communicating with others.

Academic Skills:

Focus will be placed on each of the following academic skills of clients: math, reading, communication, and GED preparation.

Personal Development Skills:

Clients will also receive guidance in: Managing personal finances, Caring for personal needs, Parenting skills, Household management, Responsible citizenship, Leisure time activities, and Grooming/makeovers

Job Development Skills:

Clients will also receive guidance in the following job development areas:

Employability skills: Employability skills include resume writing, interview skills, mock interviews, workplace behaviors, appropriate dress, changes in employment roles, working well with others, punctuality.

Job Placement Assistance: Job placement assistance includes job search skills, job shadowing, job coaching, and internship.

Technical Training:

Technical training is available in the following career areas:

Northwest Tech – Alva Campus: Automotive Technology, Collision Technology, Computers and Business, Construction Trades, Digital Design, Health Careers, and Practical Nursing.

Northwest Tech – Fairview Campus: Automotive Technology, Collision Technology, Computers and Business, Construction Trades, Culinary, Digital Design, Health Careers, and Welding Technology.

High Plains Technology Center – Woodward: Automotive Technology, Business Management Administration, Construction Trades, Diesel Truck Technology, Graphic Design, Health Careers Certification, Marketing/Management, Multi-media, Practical Nursing, Service Careers, Welding Technology, and Wind Energy.

More Information:

For more information contact Sharon Corder at Northwest Technology Center at 580.327.0375 or Denise Whitehead at High Plains Technology Center at 580.571.6187.


Include the logos for Northwest Technology Center and High Plains Technology Center in your brochure as well as the phone numbers, street addresses, website URLs, and contacts for each tech center.

Place the information above in a professional, attractive, easy to read format within the trifold brochure.