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Business Professionals of America (BPA) is the leading Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) for students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, and information technology career fields. The mission of Business Professionals of America is to contribute to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills. As a co-curricular activity, Business Professionals of America has the ability to enhance student participation in professional, civic, service and social endeavors. Business Professionals of America members participate in these activities to accomplish its goals of self-improvement, leadership development, professionalism, community service, career development, public relations, student cooperation and safety and health.

BPA has 43,000 members in over 2,300 chapters in 23 states. BPA is a co-curricular organization that supports business and information technology educators by offering co-curricular exercises based on national standards.

Students enrolled in the Digital Design and Computer and Business Technology programs have the opportunity to join and participate in the BPA student organization.  Students from the Alva campus are very fortunate because BPA dues are paid by NWTC which means students are not required to pay for their membership.

Competitive Events

A major program of Business Professionals of America is the Workplace Skills Assessment Program (WSAP). The BPA Workplace Skills Assessment Program (WSAP) prepares students to succeed and assesses real-world business skills and problem solving abilities in finance, management, IT and computer applications.  The Oklahoma BPA organization hosts the state WSAP, otherwise known as competitive events, each spring during the Oklahoma BPA State Leadership Conference.  The Digital Design students have the opportunity to participate in two WSAP events. Students who win events at the state WSAP may have the opportunity to advance to the National WSAP at the National Leadership Conference. For more information about the competitive events available for 2017-2018 check out the BPA SLC and NLC 2018 page of this website.

Alva BPA Executive Council

The NWTC Alva Campus BPA Executive Council will be comprised of the following:

  • One morning secondary student from Computer and Business Technology
  • One morning secondary student from Digital Design
  • One afternoon secondary student from Computer and Business Technology
  • One afternoon secondary student from Digital Design
  • One post-secondary student from Computer and Business Technology
  • One post-secondary student from Digital Design

Students interested in serving on the BPA Executive Council will have to submit a BPA Executive Council Application Form.  Students applying for Executive Council must also download, read, and sign the BPA Executive Council Code of Ethics form.

Alva BPA Program of Work

The following is an outline of BPA activities and events currently scheduled for the 2017-2018 school year.

  • November 1 – National and State BPA member dues paid
  • November 10 – Virtual Events Materials submitted to Mrs. Frascht
  • November 17 – Virtual Events Deadline for the BPA National Leadership Conference
  • November – December – Community Service activity
  • January – Work on Competitive Events
  • January  22 – SLC Registration Opens
  • February 2 – State Registration and Competitive Events Pre-submission deadline
  • February 15 – 22 – State Competitive Events online testing available
  • March 12 – 14 – BPA State Leadership Conference, Tulsa, OK
  • May 9 – 13 – National Leadership Conference, Dallas, TX

Alva BPA Advisors

The NWTC BITE instructors are the BPA Advisors. BITE instructors are Mrs. Long, Computer and Business instructor, and Mrs. Frascht, Digital Design instructor.

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