Welcome to Digital Design!

Are you a doodler?  Or maybe you love taking photos? Do you want to learn basic graphic design skills so you can one day design marketing and communication materials, t-shirts, decals, and a website?  Do you want to learn more about creating and producing videos? Find out what happens when your creativity is combined with a high tech modern classroom full of Apple computers and the newest Adobe software!  We have an awesome setup in Digital Design.  Each student workstation has a 27″ iMac computer with an additional 27″ Thunderbolt display which allows students to work seamlessly in a dual monitor system.  Students also have access to a wireless Apple keyboard, Apple  Magic Trackpad, and Apple Magic Mouse.  To top all that off, each student also has a Wacom Intuos tablet at their computer station!  And… we are constructing a brand new video production studio!  It is a designer’s dream!

It’s a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together.

Have a passion for design?  Join the Digital Design class and get the training you need to take your passion to another level!

Not sure what career you want to pursue?  The computer skills you gain will help you in almost any career field!